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Phone: 740.549.9700
Mail: 947 E. Johnstown Rd. #242
Gahanna, OH 43230 USA

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Bill Troy
ext. 64 or

Jonathan Little
VP/Sales and Client Service:
ext. 61 or

Executing Surveys

There are several areas of expertise we can bring to bear related to executing surveys for you (with panelists either from your own or external panels and using either our own or an outside survey engine):

Survey system - Our own survey system (which would be "skinned" to look like the rest of your brand identity) includes just about every conceivable skip logic, question style, quota, or pipe/merge capability you would ever need. In addition, we have experience executing multimedia surveys with interactive flash, graphic, audio and/or video elements.

Custom reporting - One of the areas we specialize in is customized online reporting. From custom calculations to reports across multiple panels to integration of data output with external systems (such as SPSS, Selector, Analyst, and more), we work to deliver the results of your surveys in a way that fits into the way you work.

External survey engines - We also have experience integrating our panel and incentive management systems with external survey engines, so you could execute surveys on other systems and still utilize our panel management and incentive services seamlessly.