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Market Research for Media

TroyResearch invented online research for radio in 1997 as RadioResearch.Com, and today serves the entertainment and media world (radio, television, cable, and the motion picture industry) with custom research.

Media Advertising / Promotion Impressions Testing

You design everything from your logo, to your TV and radio copy, to your print ads, even your billboards to deliver a strong brand impression and produce a positive response that immediately, as well as over time, generates revenue. Are all those creative elements living up to your expectations? That is a question you may have asked and answered when the design work was being done and copy was being written. But what about the more important question? Are all of your creative, persuasive elements living up to your customers' expectations? We're here to get answers to that powerful question before you launch the campaign. TroyResearch will test your image, your brand, your logo, your message to see if the level of impact you're striving for will be delivered. We test logos, graphics, videos, TV ads, radio ads, billboard art and text, We test music prior to release for record companies. We test trailers prior to release dates for motion picture companies. Call on us to design a study to measure the impact your logo, your ads, and your text will deliver. Your creative, persuasive elements need to live up to your customers expectations. We'll help you make certain that happens and that the generation of new revenue is the end result.

For TV, Web Entertainment, Cable and Motion Picture industries we provide

Online Tracking (weekly or bi-weekly); Online Library Testing (500 titles. more or less) with existing panels and/or phone recruitment; In-Depth Perceptual Studies; Music Positioning Studies. Impressions Testing: Online consumer opinion research focused on determining response before an advertising campaign, logo, website or theatrical trailer is released.