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Panel Recruiting And Replenishing

We have numerous multimodal methods to help you recruit a panel with just the right characteristics to ensure a successful outcome:

Integration - The most important aspect of any panel program is that it must integrate into all of your other online- and off-line-initiatives. Therefore, we are able to design and brand all of the materials that your panelists will see to match your design specifications. You are not stuck with generic templates or designs; we will custom design elements to fit your style. In addition, we can integrate with any backend systems to allow seamless interaction between your panel and other systems.

Content - We can create as much or as little of the panelist-facing content as you'd like. From recruitment advertising copy, to frequently asked questions to rules of participation, we can provide as much expertise as you need to set up a program that has the necessary elements to make your panelists comfortable in the system.

Outside recruitment - If you need to recruit panelists from outside your existing media properties, we can recruit in any type of panelists you need on a guaranteed cost per acquisition basis. This makes panel building a turnkey process for you. We can employ numerous multimodal (combination) techniques to recruit - or supplement - a panel of individuals who meet your research needs. Those techniques include recruiting by our most preferred method - outbound RDD telephone dialing, by direct mail, by placing generic ads to initiate call-ins, by using your warrantee or customer lists as a "seed" list for mail or telephone recruits, and / or by purchasing known category purchasers from outside sources and qualifying individuals by phone or online. Usage incidence makes some panel recruiting tasks very difficult to complete and to replenish as needed, but out mantra is that nothing is impossible.

Panel renting - Likewise, if you need to source panelists for your own surveys (i.e. potential customers who don't yet know about a new business or product you're bringing to market), we can source survey participants on a rental basis that fit any individual market and profile. This sample would be delivered on a cost per complete basis, allowing for a guaranteed up front project cost.