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Mail: 947 E. Johnstown Rd. #242
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Acting as a Sample Marketing (Sales) Representative

If you would like to offer access to your panel to outside firms, we can provide several important services as your representative (providing a turnkey operation to you):

Usage criteria - We can create and monitor rules and guidelines that outside firms must meet when interacting with your panelists to ensure that your panelist are protected and that they have a positive experience with those outside firms.

Interacting with purchasers - We can operate as a single point of contact for outside firms wishing to utilize your panel for their projects. Using pricing and usage criteria that we have predetermined with you, we can eliminate any need on your part to deal with them.

Panelist incentive management - Of course, your panelists will be rewarded for their participation in surveys for outside firms, and we will take care of the management and delivery of those incentives.

Revenue collection - When outside firms access your panel, we can collect payment from them and remit it to you as it comes in.

Reporting - Lastly, we will keep you up to date with ongoing reporting so you can see what projects your panelists are participating in, what issues, if any, have arisen from those projects and what revenue you have earned.